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5 Savage Things: Your conversation starter for the week. Meteorologists, financial connoisseurs and fashion Bellwethers provide previews for the days, weeks and months to come - this is your political guide. Wake up Monday morning to fresh and interactive previews for your week in politics.

  • A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine cites the estimate number of deaths in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria to be 4600. This number is in stark contrast to the 64 reported via the government. The deaths were attributed to several issues that plagued the American territory, largely a lack of power and food. There has not been a statement from government agencies regarding the disparity in death numbers or the study.

  • Three executive orders were signed on May 25, 2018 directly impacting federal employees. These orders were signed four days after the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision regarding Workplace Arbitration Contracts Barring Class Action lawsuits; Justice Gorsuch, who was appointed and confirmed during the current administration wrote the decision and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg wrote the dissent. The links to the executive orders:

  • Virginia's celebrated Senate vote to expand Medicaid expansion does come at a price. There are eligibility restrictions that will require adults work or work activities for at least 80 hours a month for adults under 65 years old. Virginia is slated to become the 33rd state to have expanded coverage.

  • 31 year old, Sherrell "Rell" Lewis was intentionally hit with a truck on US 171 in Louisiana while serving his community; Mr. Lewis later died as a result of the impact. The driver, 18 year old Matthew Martin drove his truck into the path of Mr. Lewis as he removed debris from the road. Martin posted pictures of his dented truck to Snapchat and referred to Mr. Lewis using the 'n' word. As of today, no charges have been filed against Martin who is white.

  • 603 Black Women are running for office this year! These candidates are in races from local to federal and are across the country. Luvvie Ajayi and her team created a database aptly named, Black Women in Politics that also accepts submissions or updates of candidates via the Submit tab. For more information and to champion Black Women visit

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