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Raise Your Voice

Every report card without fail from kindergarten to fifth grade read: “Talks excessively.” The parent teacher conferences were no different, “Erica is a bright student, but she hasn’t realized who the teacher is as of yet.” My grades did not suffer and no punishment could keep me from talking. And then it happened - my high school economics teacher provided reason for my voice to rise.

The topic for the period was welfare and post Reagan era “welfare queen” characterizations were filled with stereotypes and lies. As my instructor began to ascribe this political racially loaded term to a ninth grade class of predominately Black students, I embraced my voice to challenge the lie. Consequently, I was removed from class having respectfully challenged his - we were a household that not only consumed the news but debated the information and one another with experiences and data. Data. That day in that class, but I’d never been prouder because I was not silent. I lifted my voice in protest of false data, bias and for those who didn’t know the truth or were too afraid or shamed to raise theirs.

So this is Savage Politics friend. A podcast, a blog, a body of work of which I’ve always connected: politics and people. Savage Politics provides insight on below the fold news issues by presenting political and social commentary weekly through interviews and calls to action. This is my work. This is my voice. Ralph Ellison said it best, “There are few things in the world as dangerous as sleepwalkers.”

Let’s get it.

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