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5 Savage Things: This week's focus is specific and critical. The nation is facing a decision on how to respond to the depravity of the current administration's Zero-Tolerance Policy regarding migrant families. Please join Savage Politics and commit to actions to stand against #SeparatingFamilies!

  • Senator Dianne Feinstein sponsored senate bill S.3036, Keep Families Together Act to effectively cease children from being separated their families. Raise your voice and call your elected House of Representative and Senators: 202-224-3121. The Washington Bureau of the NAACP has an urgent alert with guidance when calling your Representative and Senators - the hyperlinks are provided for the guidance and contacting your elected officials.

  • Email/Write/Fax your elected official in congress to support the Keep Families Together Act. Presently 39 members of the Senate (37-Democrats; 2-Independents) have signed on in support of this bill. After you call, exercise your freedom to write your elected - a sample is included courtesy of the Washington Bureau of the NAACP.

  • The largest number of operative detention centers is in the United States. The Global Detention Project provides and data base and analysis based on country and within a country the region or state of detention facilities. Within the select state a profile of listed facilities includes General/Operational/Bureaucratic Characteristics to include if the facility is private for profit. The facilities that are detaining migrant children and parents are in fact privately owned.

  • The House of Representatives led by Speaker Paul Ryan will vote on a 300 page bill, Border Security and Immigration Reform Act of 2018, drafted by House Republicans this week. This bill will potentially end DACA, the diversity visa lottery and fund the administration's border wall at a price tag of $25 billion.

  • CHECK YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION STATUS! This is our collective tool to shift the tide of leadership in our states and federal governments. The SCOTUS recent decision in the Ohio case provides precedence to remove the names of non-voters. Ensure everyone in your household checks their registration status in preparation for the mid-term and every election forward!

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