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5 Savage Things: The previous week was inundated with Supreme Court decisions and an announcement. Savage Politics will be focusing on Voter Education in a series titled: Voted. This is our time to engage and shift.

  • On Monday, June 25, a 5-4 majority decision upholding Texas’ gerrymandered state and legislative maps with the exception of one district in the state, District 90.

  • On Tuesday, June 26, a 5-4 majority decision upholding the administration’s previously rejected travel ban from 7 predominately Muslim countries.

  • On Wednesday, June 27, a 5-4 majority decision in the (Mark) Janus versus labor union case ruling that fees known as fair share or agency are no longer mandatory.

  • On Thursday, June 28, Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his July 31 retirement on Wednesday and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell advised on Thursday quote, “The Senate will vote to confirm Justice Kennedy’s successor this fall.”

  • CHECK YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION STATUS! This is our collective tool to shift the tide of leadership in our states and federal governments. The SCOTUS recent decision in the Ohio case provides precedence to remove the names of non-voters. Ensure everyone in your household checks their registration status in preparation for the mid-term and every election forward!

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