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5 Savage Things

5 Savage Things: This month the nation saw record victories by Democrats in state and congressional races. Savage Politics the podcast will be focusing on Voter Education in a January 2019 series titled: Vote(d). This is our time to engage and shift.

  • Emantics Fitzgerald Bradford, Jr was killed by a Hoover, Alabama police officer on Thanksgiving at the Riverchase Galleria Mall. The Hoover Police Department originally reported that the 21 year old was the gunman in the mall shooting that injured a 12 and 18 year old. The statement was later modified to only state that the decedent was most likely not the shooter. The (unnamed) officer has been placed on the all too familiar act of police (paid) administrative leave pending a complete investigation.

  • Effective Sunday, November 25, border crossing at a primary entry point of San Diego and Tijuana has been closed impacting those crossing seeking asylum. In addition to the border closure, reports and photographs surfaced of tear gas deployed at women and children attempting to cross the border caused a social media stir.

  • 85 lives have been lost in the Camp Fire blaze as officials now report that the fire is 100 percent contained. The ongoing search for hundreds of missing individuals were delayed due to heavy rain and wind. The damage of the wildfires has been substantial burning over 150,000 acres.

  • The contentious senate race between Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mike Espy will be decided in a runoff election on Tuesday, November 27. The current White House occupant plans to hold a "rally" in support of run despite racist comments regarding lynching, voter suppression and receiving monetary support ($2700) from a white supremacist group.

  • During a customary Thanksgiving morality call with military service members, the current White House occupant degraded the courts, 9th circuit court judges, and defended his border position - he also asked service members their views regarding the political position. Also in the call when asked what he was thankful for he advised: family and the "tremendous difference he made in the country."

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